We’re delighted to present our latest Annual Report, which provides a summary of the projects, publications and Multi-stakeholder Workshops, Technical Fora, Industry Discussion Meetings, and Impact Case Studies from Regulatory and HTA workstreams undertaken last year. Last year’s Impact Case Studies drilled down on the influence of regulatory initiatives on HTA decision-making, the supporting regulatory system strengthening in Latin America through the LASER Project and the OpERA programme, and the supporting the establishment of reliance and capacity training in Ecuador.

In 2022, we continued to deliver on our 2021–2023 Agenda, applying the pillars of Metrics, Quality, and Alignment to the topics of Globalisation, New Ways of Working, and Outcome Metrics. Furthermore,  we developed new initiatives, such as the SAC Topic Groups, which have been instituted temporarily to generate ideas for the upcoming 2024–2026 CIRS Research Agenda. Our focus for 2023 is to formalise and communicate the future Agenda where many of our present areas of research will continue, as well as bring in new areas of interest that are relevant to all our stakeholders.

As the pandemic abates (we hope!), the landscape has evolved and provided ample novel opportunities for all players in the ecosystem. CIRS is well placed to help stakeholders maximise the positive changes that this unexpected event has catalysed.