Centre for Innovation in Regulatory Science

CIRS’ mission is to maintain a leadership role in identifying and applying scientific principles for the purpose of advancing regulatory and HTA policies and processes

The Centre for Innovation in Regulatory Science (CIRS) is a neutral, independent UK-based subsidiary of Clarivate plc. CIRS provides an international forum for industry, regulators, HTA and other healthcare stakeholders to meet, debate and develop regulatory and reimbursement policy through the innovative application of regulatory science and to facilitate access to pharmaceutical products. It is governed and operated by Clarivate for the sole support of its members’ activities. The organisation has its own dedicated management and advisory boards, and its funding is derived from membership dues, related activities, special projects and grants.

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Centre for Innovation in Regulatory Science (CIRS)
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Aligning global value-based decision making

Key activities:

  • International Workshops: Meetings for members are convened at which invited participant interactions are optimised to facilitate networking, constructive discussion, recommendations and actions.
  • CIRS Research Projects: Specialised research and surveys are carried out among leading pharmaceutical companies and regulatory and HTA agencies with expert analyses and interpretation of the findings.
  • Identification of and Advocacy for International Best Practices: Using findings from our Workshops and research projects CIRS interacts with companies, regulators, HTA agencies and other international organisations to promulgate efficiencies in global medicine development.
  • Publications and Presentations: Reports are prepared from Workshops and projects. Dissemination of findings and recommendations through the R&D Briefing series, conference presentations, papers in peer-reviewed journals and the CIRS website are key aspects of the CIRS educational communication mission.
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