We’re pleased to be involved in the following conferences coming up in the first half of 2022. Please do come and say hello!


DIA Latin American Regulatory Conference

14-16th March 2022, Virtual

Tuesday 15th March 12:15-1:30PM (ET), Session 2: Reliance and Good Regulatory Practices

Latin American Systems to Enable Reliance: Best Practices and Recommendations
Dr Mario Alanís Garza, Senior Consultant, CIRS

Tuesday 15th March 2:30-3:50PM (ET), Session 3: Regulatory Convergence and Collaboration

Opportunities for Greater Convergence in Latam
Dr Lawrence Liberti, Adjunct Research Professor, Reg Affairs and Quality Assurance Graduate Program, Temple University School of Pharmacy, and Senior Advisor, CIRS


DIA Europe

29th-31st March 2022, Brussels & Virtual

Tuesday, March 29th, 14:00 – 15:00, The Arc
Identifying and Managing Uncertainty During Drug Development to Improve Predictability of Regulatory and HTA Outcomes
Chair: Dr Jenny Sharpe, Senior Scientific Writer, CIRS
Niklas Hedberg, Dental and Pharmaceutical Benefits Agency, TLV, Sweden
Magdalini Papadaki, MSD, United Kingdom
Ton de Boer, Medicines Evaluation Board, The Netherlands

Global Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs Summit

6-13th April 2022, Berlin & Virtual

Dr Mario Alanís Garza, Senior Consultant, CIRS, and Dr Lawrence Liberti, Senior Advisor, CIRS, are involved in the following sessions:

  • DIGITAL EXPERIENCE: DAY 4 – Mon, 11 Apr 13:15 – 14:15 (CEST) – Pandemic Readiness – Lessons Learned from COVID-19 in Ensuring Regulatory Agility
  • DIGITAL EXPERIENCE: DAY 5 – Tues, 12 Apr 13:50 – 14:50 (CEST) – Updates on Convergence & Reliance Efforts for LATAM
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BioHabana 2022 Congress

25-29th April 2022, Cuba & Virtual

Friday 29th April 12.30-12.45PM (ET), Regulatory Session: Working Towards Regulatory Convergence and Reliance

Latin American Experience of Reliance: Challenges and Opportunities
Dr Mario Alanís Garza, Senior Consultant, CIRS

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RAPS Euro Convergence

10-12th May 2022, Amsterdam

Dr Magda Bujar, Manager of Strategic Development, CIRS, is involved in the following sessions:

  • Wednesday, May 11, 2022 (13:30 – 14:30 CEST) – Conditional Approval Pathways and Strategies
  • Thursday, May 12, 2022 (13:30 – 14:30 CEST) – Regulatory Business – Global Regulatory Outlook

DIA Global Annual Meeting

19th-23rd June 2022, Chicago & Virtual

Approaches to regulatory worksharing and collaboration – are they fit-for-purpose and how should they evolve post-pandemic?

How are international standards and regulatory science building trust, increasing competency, and enabling reliance?

Session Chair: Dr Magda Bujar, Manager of Strategic Development, CIRS

Meeting Regulatory Expectations: What Needs to be Considered When Using Digital Technologies to Generate Clinical Evidence?

Session Chair: Dr Jenny Sharpe, Senior Scientific Writer, CIRS


HTAi Annual Meeting

25th-29th June 2022, Utrecht and Virtual

Tina Wang, CIRS Senior Manager of HTA Programme and Strategic Partnerships is involved in the following session:

  • Interactions between regulatory, HTA and companies: A multi-stakeholder survey on the current experiences and future landscape evolvement

Dr Belen Sola, CIRS HTA Research Analyst, will also be presenting the following posters:

  • Associations Of Orphan Designation And other Drug Development-Related Factors On The Rollout times and Health Technology Assessment Recommendations Of New Active Substances
  • Impact Of Parallel Submission On The Rollout Time and Health Technology Assessment Recommendation Of New Active Substances