Background: Timely access to new medicines may be addressed through strengthening of registration efciencies and timelines by establishing and refning value-added registration processes, resources, and systems. The aims of this study were to evaluate the timelines of the milestones of the South African review process and the overall approval process for new active substances (NASs) in 2015–2018 and to provide recommendations for improved patients’ access to new medicines through timely registration.

Methods: Data identifying the milestones and overall approval times for NASs registered by the South African Agency during 2015–2018 were collected and analyzed.

Results: The most NASs (42) were approved in 2017 and the least (15) in 2018. The shortest median approval time (1218 calendar days) was achieved in 2015 and the longest (2124 days), in 2018. All applications were reviewed using the full review process, and 16/99 (16%) were assigned priority status and were reviewed and approved through the fast track review.

Conclusions: While the extensive delays in NASs approvals in South Africa may be attributed to inefcient operational processes, resource constraints, and as an increased number of applications for registration, the newly established South African Heath Products Regulatory Agency has re-engineered and streamlined its regulatory review process, which has been piloted and will be enhanced prior to fnal implementation. Among recommendations for improvement, SAHPRA should consider measurement and monitoring of milestones, facilitated regulatory pathways, implementing a reliance strategy, and a quality management system.

Keyter, A., Salek, S., Gouws, J. et al. Evaluation of the Performance of the South Africa Regulatory Agency: Recommendations for Improved Patients’ Access to Medicines. Ther Innov Regul Sci 54, 878–887 (2020).